August 01, 2018 → landscape

Nida Art Colony | Lithuania | Artist-in-Residence 2018

Gabi got invited as an artist-in-residence to Nida Art Colony, Lithuania for summer 2018. Since its opening in 2011 the Colony has been hosting about 50 artists, designers, architects, curators and art researchers per year.

'Nida Art Colony is an art and meeting space, surrounded by sand dunes and seas. As a resourceful platform, it runs an Artist-in-Residence Programme, Nida Doctoral School, and initiates art, education and research projects. NAC is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts and provides space for workshops, intensive courses, exhibitions, seminars, rehearsals, artists’ talks and screenings. NAC is located on the Curonian Spit, a peninsula dividing the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. The spit is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the most beautiful and unique cultural landscapes of Europe.' (Text by Nida Art Colony)

Nida Art Colony

November 01, 2017 → landscape→ urban space

Goodall | Radeberger Brache Cologne

Seven invited artists will develop individual artistic concepts for the ‚Radeberger Brache‘, a rural and protected landscape in the south of the City of Cologne, Germany. The works will be materialized through individual artistic investigations to be realized through the medium of printed matter: a diverse spectrum of foldable leaflets that allow a critical artistic examination through text, image and typography. Together they will form an open archive for future (maybe utopian) spatial concepts within the context of an urban, green, rural landscape.

Aude Bertrand
Sebastian Fritsch
Tanja Goethe
Christian Odzuck
Gabi Schillig
Arne Schmitt
Denise Winter

A project curated by Tanja Goethe, supported by the City of Cologne and Kunststiftung NRW.

Tanja Goethe

Stadt Planung Kunst | LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur Münster | Symposium

In diesem Sommer finden zum fünften Mal in Münster die 'Skulptur Projekte' statt. Im Rahmen des Baukultursymposiums soll der Frage nachgegangen werden, welche Beziehungen zwischen Stadtentwicklung, Architektur, Freiraumplanung und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum hergestellt und welche nachhaltigen Effekte durch das Einbeziehen künstlerischer Ideen, Haltungen und Beteiligungsprozesse für stadtplanerische Alltagsaufgaben generiert werden können.

Gespräche, Vorträge und Diskussion mit Stadtplanern, Architekten, Freiraumplanern, Stadtdenkern und -moderatoren, Künstlern und Aktivisten.

Dienstag, 26. September 2017
LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur Münster

LWL Münster

PUC Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Field Trip + Workshop

A field trip by the HSD Peter Behrens School of Arts, Faculty of Design in cooperation with PUC Rio de Janeiro, Department of Architecture and Urbanism.

Following the Intra Muros Workshop 'Surfaces of Contact' in Düsseldorf in Winter 2016 the PBSA students will travel to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and visit our partner university PUC Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. In a two-day workshop they will further develop the design projects started by the mixed teams in Düsseldorf. The works will be shown in a joint exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

Accompanying the workshop there will be sight visits to various locations inside of Rio: urban spaces, museums, art institutions, galleries and artist studios.

About 'Surfaces of Contact': The principle of 'skin' is a concept not limited to the body but could be applied to tectonic strategies ranging in scale from object, jewelry over fashion to buildings. The program will open up a discourse on the role of the skin in relation to intimacy, identification and public space. The course will speculate about the relation of skin as a surface of contact in connection to the body/object/building/urban space and focus on its performative and mediating potentials in order to generate personal, social and cultural spaces.

A joint field trip by Prof. Gabi Schillig, Prof. Bernhard Franken and Prof. Veronica Natividade (PUC Rio).

PUC Rio de Janeiro
HSD Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf

World Reformation Exhibition 2017 | Lutherstadt Wittenberg | Opening

Lutherstadt Wittenberg will be celebrating the 500 years anniversary of reformation in summer 2017 with the opening of seven "gates of freedom", comprising of various spatial installations situated in the city´s urban environment. In 2015 students from 21 universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the field of architecture, scenography, design and visual arts were invited to participate in a design competition proposing different artistic concepts.

The conceptual approach that won a 1st prize and was selected for realization is a spatial installation developed by students of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences - Peter Behrens School of Art at the Faculty of Design. The installation consists of five mirroring bridges crossing each other, embedded in the landscape, enabling at the same time dialogical encounters between people but also spaces of contemplation.

Between 2016 and 2017 the project´s further realization process was supported by Arne Künstler - imagine structure - office for structural planning and the architectural studio - Architekturwerkstatt Berlin Planungsgesellschaft mbH.

The exhibition will open to the public on May 20, 2017 and last until autumn 2017.

Hochschule Düsseldorf - Peter Behrens School of Arts
r2017 Weltausstellung Reformation

Städelschule Architecture Class | Frankfurt am Main | Lecture

The Städelschule Architecture Class announces its actual Summer Lecture Series 2017. As in the past, SAC´s lecturers this year include a rich assortment of historians, theoreticians, and practitioners:

Theodore Spyropoulos, Hélène Frichot, Sylvia Lavin, Cristina Diaz Moreno & Efrén da Grinda, Michael Young, Sanford Kwinter, Daniel Birnbaum, Johan Bettum, Farshid Moussavi, Liam Young, Milan Loviska, Otto Krause and Sir Peter Cook.

Gabi will give a lecture on May 04, 2017 hosted by the Foundation Städelschule für Baukunst.

All lectures are open to the public and take place at 19:00 in the Städelschule Aula, unless otherwise noted.

Städelschule Frankfurt
Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste
Dürerstr. 10
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Städelschule Architecture Class
Städelschule Frankfurt am Main

April 21, 2017 → 2017→ textiles

The Swedish School of Textiles | University of Borås | Master Jury

On April 21 The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, Sweden will host the MA examinations in Textile Design. Gabi is invited to join the jury as an external opponent.

The Swedish School of Textiles was founded in 1866 and currently has about 900 students from all over the world in seven undergraduate programmes and seven master's programmes. The programmes focus on textiles and are divided into three areas: design, engineering, and management. The facilities feature modern lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories that cater for everything related to textiles. Research is of a high international standard and focuses on sustainability.

The Swedish School of Textiles Borås

March 29, 2017 → 2017→ lecture

Typologie der Hütte II | Symposium | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

"Die Hütte wird gemeinhin als spontanes und vorläufiges Gebilde verstanden, als eine Improvisation im Außenraum, aus arbiträrem Material gefügt und mit einem klaren Ziel: schnell und mit vorhandenen Mitteln einen abgetrennten Bereich zu konstituieren. So verstanden faltet die Praxis der Hütte den Raum, sie erstellt gewissermaßen eine Tasche oder eine Abteilung in diesem Raum und ermöglicht auf diesem Weg ein relatives Innen in Differenz zu einem Außen. Eine solche temporäre Faltung des Raums kann als Unterstand, Obdach, Versteck, Lager oder Zuflucht dienen. (...) Der Workshop unternimmt es, nach den unterschiedlichen Praktiken der Hütte zu fragen und eröffnet damit eine transdisziplinäre Typologie der Hütte, die von der Architektur, Biologie und Kunst über die Mathematik, Materialwissenschaft und Metaphysik bis zur Sprach- und Technikgeschichte reicht." (aus dem Ankündigungstext der Konferenz)

Exzellenzcluster Bild Wissen Gestaltung
Karin Krauthausen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Rebekka Ladewig, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

29.03.2017 - 09:30 Uhr
bis 30.03.2017 - 18:00 Uhr

Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut
der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Georgenstr. 47
10117 Berlin

Zeichnung: Fabian Scholz

Exzellenzcluster Bild Wissen Gestaltung

February 02, 2017 → 2017→ architecture

Atmosphere 9 - Beauty, Memory, Entropy | Symposia | University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Canada

From February 2-4, 2017 the Atmosphere Symposia will explore the intangible and overlooked dimensions of design, planning & architecture, those difficult to pin down, document, or record with conventional instruments and methodologies. Atmosphere is the consequence of the projects we make as designers of landscapes, cities, architecture and interiors. Atmosphere is hard to grasp, and even harder to talk about, yet the production of atmosphere, intended or not, is one of our most apparent contributions to the world.

It is something that lingers after the program has changed or the client has left. Though palpable, atmosphere resists registration. So fragile and dependent on the world around, atmosphere is also susceptible to our individual perception. It is not something that can be read or interpreted. It is the embodiment of the content we give our projects and how they meet the world.

What are the shared values and challenges framing interdisciplinary design? This symposium suggests three: Beauty, Memory and Entropy. These are conditions over which designers have limited control, but which we nevertheless desire, succumb to, and cultivate. Beauty, Memory and Entropy represent common aesthetic, ecological, and cultural ambitions of interdependent design disciplines.

Invited keynote speakers are Dr. Ellen Braae, David Leatherbarrow, Rami Bebawi, Guy Maddin and Gabi Schillig.

Atmosphere 9

January 11, 2017 → 2017

Spaces of Many Dimensions | Lecture Series | Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf

Between January and July 2017 the lecture series SPACES OF MANY DIMENSIONS will bring together a diversity of theoretical positions and artistic perspectives. Its title refers to the book ‚Flatland‘ by Edwin A. Abbott, describing the life of a square in two dimensions, extending the imagination towards the existence of a third and fourth dimension and beyond. His satire reveals the boundaries of an absolute knowledge and opens up a new perspective on the 'relativity of reality’ (Paul Watzlawick).

The lecture series intends to initiate a dialogue on the topic of those manifold spatial dimensions: How can we generate spatial concepts that lie beyond the understanding of our existing design tools and methodologies, in order to design intricate social and atmospheric spaces? What is and what will be the role of the human in contemporary and future spatial design processes? What are possible experimental and utopian perspectives that embrace the existence of different realities, dissimilarities, enabling inclusiveness as well as social and ecological dimensions of space?

A lecture series presented by the Faculty of Design, Peter Behrens School of Arts. Supported by Jour Fixe and funded by QVM / Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel.

Lectures by:

Beatriz Colomina
Mark Wigley
Johan Bettum
Sir Peter Cook
Eric Ellingsen
Tomás Saraceno

Hochschule Düsseldorf
Entrance Josef-Gockeln-Str. 9
40474 Düsseldorf

Werkstatt-Atelier H0.38.2

Spaces of Many Dimensions
HSD Peter Behrens School of Arts