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The essay "Liberation of Space" was published in the book Modular Constructs.

Liberation of Space
Relational Space, Open Systems and the Architecture of the Body

Spatial techniques and their established relations may be based upon a beautiful way of ordering elements by describing an open, but clearly defined, system that is able to transform. At the same time the system’s behavior is very much related to its constituent elements, their materiality and their spatial organization. Even flexible elements have the potential to collectively rigidify, when brought together in a certain geometrical order and hierarchy - to be found. This can be found for instance in spatial formations of textile techniques. Bringing these relations together generates form and spatial organization. In Semperian terms, it is a textile, soft element that in cooperation with others rigidifies and becomes tectonic.


modular structures in design and architecture
Modulare Strukturen in Design und Architektur

published by Asterios Agkathidis
including essays by Holger Hoffmann, Heike Matcha, Günter Barczik, Gabi Schillig, Kostas Terzidis, Oliver Tessmann, Claudio Vekstein
BIS Publishers Amsterdam, 2010

"This book examines morphogenetic processes based on a combination of digital and analogue modeling and manufacturing techniques. Traditional physical modelling techniques were combined with digital 3d modelling and manufacturing technologies, informing the emerging constructs with additional components. These modules can in many cases be translated into architectural designs. They operate as precursors of architecture to come."

BIS Publishers